Historical past Of Chocolate Cocktails

High-class parties have to have two things to be called such: alcohol & chocolate. There is nothing better than a sip of cocktail to calm your nerves when you need them, especially after a long week of hard and exhausting work. Then ultimately concluding it off with a delightful bite of your most loved and favorite chocolates that have made a name throughout the entire chocolate history. But first, it would be even more delightful to find out how chocolate cocktails really started in the first place!

Chocolates, a Commodity Exclusive to Nobility

As we know, chocolates started as a commodity restricted to the noblest of people. Chocolates in the earlier times were used as presents to give away during formal and serious engagements, especially when there are royalty figures participating in the event. Chocolates, on another angle, were considered an element that would promote love, passion and romance. And for a reason, chocolate drinks were made available to the mediocre as well. Restrictions and exclusivity of chocolates to nobility gas been lifted and therefore, stores opening up everywhere to offer the enjoyably luscious chocolate drink we love today!

Chocolate Drink’s Journey to Spain

The chocolate or cocktail drink continued to develop in Spain. More than a few other flavor ingredients such as vanilla or cinnamon were eventually added to the chocolate beverage to improve its flavor. And because of the popularity of the chocolate drink, it motivated the Spaniards to plant several more of their cocoa trees and even kept the recipe a sweet hush-hush for a long time. However, as any excellent food, the recipe reached the other parts of the world including Europe and became a well-loved favorite satisfying drink!

The Magical Blend of Chocolates and Alcohol

For many people, eating chocolates has an effect of calming their spirits and you will notice how energized you will feel for next week or the rest of the week. Can you ever imagine how delicious a drink it will be to combine these two ingredients, alcohol and chocolates, to make a great cocktail drink? There are countless chocolate cocktail recipes you will surely love once you taste them, and for sure they are cocktails you will undoubtedly be proud of to serve on your party tables!

The Beginning of a Chocolate Cocktail Party

Now that we know how the early peoples of civilization started concocting mouth-watering chocolate cocktails, it is high-time we discover where and how chocolate cocktail parties all began! Etiquette says that party hosts should always keep a cocktail party brief and sweetie. It should only be about two hour tete-a-tete to catch up with peers, reconnect and celebrate with. Always go for the classic cocktail party when you are planning of setting up one. And you better make sure that you will never ever be oblivious to the best cocktail Martini, what with its sophisticated taste on the palates.

Partying on a Martini Night

You may even call it a “Martini Night” and set up your own Martini Bar serving chocolates, canap?s, black olives, and some cheese bits. While others get too concerned about finding costumes for a chocolate cocktail party, others are too pre-occupied with concocting up cocktail drinks on their own in the cocktail mini bars and mixing up vodka with vanilla and chocolate. Hmm, how I wish I could get a shot of the Russian Vodka I loved in my younger years, the Stolichnaya, and mixing it up with vanilla and chocolate. I bet it is going to be even much better than Bailey’s. Really, chocolate’s history will never be complete without a chocolate cocktail party! Anyone giving out a chocolate cocktail party tonight?

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